Driveway Cleaning Stanmore

The immediate setting of your house influences to a great deal the appearance and thus the property value. A driveway covered with greasy spots leaves the imprint of a neglected place. One-time good professional cleaning can greatly improve the look of your home.

Pressure cleaning of the driveway restores and prolongs its life by eliminating unsafe dust, mildew and other environmental pollutants. The issue of when to hire a professional pressure washer and when to do the work yourself, really comes down to your skills and the job at hand. If there is one stain on your driveway that has to be removed then perhaps you might think about doing it yourself. However if you are looking to deep clean your whole driveway deck then you are better of hiring a professional. An expert pressure washer knows how to bring back the "like new" look on various different surfaces. By choosing Prolux Patio Cleaning in Stanmore, you can get the best pressure washing services from an experienced contractor.

Concrete Driveway

Maintenance of concrete driveway is quite similar to the care for wooden decks. We do not skip steps on our operations, so this is again the plan we follow:

  1. We will sweep off all compost and then we will wash the surface. We check the total condition of the slab.

  2. All compost are going to be bagged and removed.

  3. We apply to the surface with concrete sealant to inhibit grid of cracks formation.

  4. We check the driveway to make certain the work is done according to the specifications.

Brick Driveway

For a brick driveway, it is vital to keep bricks safe from the freeze/thaw cycle, which could last three or more months depending on the area you live. Our brick driveway cleaning protocol closely follows the steps listed above:

  1. We will remove any debris and then we are going to wash the surface and will take out sand from the groves in between the bricks. We check for mold growth and the general condition.

  2. All rubbish collected is going to be stuffed in bags and removed.

  3. We will spray the surface with sealants upon request.

  4. We inspect the driveway be sure the work is done in compliance with the specifications.

Professional Driveway Cleaning Stanmore Services

We, Prolux Patio Cleaning in Stanmore, have the professional solution to your problem. We bring our three "E"s to the table - experience, equipment, and expertise. We are going to be glad to pressure clean your driveway.

Prolux Patio Cleaning is stationed in London and services all immediate suburbs. We deliver prompt, courteous, and expert pressure cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. Prolux Patio Cleaning in Stanmore uses professional equipment and commercial grade detergents that are both environmentally friendly and safe to use close to landscaping, children, and pets. Prolux Patio Cleaning is determined to provide the highest quality workmanship available in Stanmore.

We, Prolux Patio Cleaning in Stanmore guarantee the best results conceivable. We thoroughly wash and inspect all treated areas after job completion. Our cleaning experts are reliable, our prices - reasonable.

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