Stone Restoration and Care Holloway

Prolux Patio Cleaning is a reputable cleaning service provider in Holloway and the neighboring Home Counties for cleaning, maintenance, and care of both natural and manmade stone.

Stone As a Construction Material

Rocks in a broad spectrum, whether they are natural or synthetic, undergo several changes in color, texture, and density caused by time, the environment in which they are placed, as well as the beating and usage they suffer over time. Stones are separated into two types: Siliceous stones (granite, slate, sandstone, brownstone, and bluestone) are hard and resilient. Calcareous stones (marble, travertine, and limestone) are more fragile and permeable, so they are susceptible to stains. (To tell what variety you have, drip a tiny bit of of white vinegar on a hidden spot. If it froths, the stone is calcareous.)

Our specialty includes restoration, repairing and preservation of stone surfaces that are cracked, stained, dulled, chipped, and scratched making use of the finest products and skill, reinstating the stone material back to its beautiful sheen texture or to the texture that it is intended to have. Making every effort to supply our clients with the best results, our experts hone, polish and seal refurbishing each stone in addition to taking care of rough surfaces, and noticeable seams.

Our objective is to provide the highest grade professional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service surpassing even the uppermost standard in our industry. Unlike other companies, we are able to develop a tailor made service to solve almost any problem your stone could have.

Most Common Issues For Which Customers Contact Us To Resolve Include:

  • Dull and Dented Floors

  • Etched Counter Tops

  • Resilient Stains Removal

  • Chipped Bits Repair

  • Uneven Installation Repair

  • Grouting and Caulking

  • Honing, Polishing and Sealing

Below Are The Key Reasons Why You Should Get In Touch with Us To Renovate Your Stone:

  • We are pleased to prove our expertise to you so you ought to be confident that we meet and exceeded your needs.

  • We are prepared to supply written testimonials from clients who count on us to look after their natural stone.

  • The price we quote is the end price you pay. We are going to supply you with a detailed written quote before any work takes place. Our experts will clarify in detail the technique to be used, the itemized charges and the time needed.

  • We use top quality tools, cleaning solutions and sealers.

  • We are fully insured and certified.

We, Prolux Patio Cleaning Holloway, stand behind every project we perform entirely because we are fully confident in our ability to deliver the best expert stone restoration service throughout Holloway and the neighboring areas. It is our obligation to serve you well and we place our names to this guarantee!

Stone Care Services in Holloway

Our long list of satisfied clients encompasses many residential and commercial names. Below are most of the services we specialize in:

  • Surface Polishing

  • Diamond Refinishing

  • Honing

  • Stain Removal

  • Sealing

  • Re-grouting/Re-caulking

  • Epoxy color filling of holes and cracks

  • Repair and Replacement of Broken or Damaged Slates

  • Floor Injection of Hollow Tiles

  • Pressure Cleaning And Sealing

We are Equipped To Work on These Stones:

  • Marble

  • Saturnia/Travertine

  • Limestone

  • Granite

  • Terrazzo

  • Slate/Quartz

  • Saltillo/Mexican Tile

  • Concrete

The Areas of We Service Are:

  • Floors

  • Walls

  • Vanity & Counter Tops

  • Shower Stalls

  • Pool Decks and Terraces

Our experience and knowledge are dedicated for the restoration and preservation of stone surfaces. Prolux Patio Cleaning Holloway now is collaborating with the best construction companies in Holloway metropolitan area providing a complete set of services for your convenience. The residential and commercial customers get the high quality professional services, admitted to be the best by many, which have positioned Prolux Patio Cleaning as one of the top companies in the city.

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