Patio Cleaning Acton

Wood Deck

If you have a wood deck, in fall getting into a hibernation stage. It calls for a bath before it does though. Otherwise, mold, fungi, and mildew will grow out of control and soil the surface.

We, at Prolux Patio Cleaning in Acton, are here to assist you care for your deck from season to season.

This is how we maintain decks:

  1. We will remove any rubbish and then we will brush clean it with deck soap. After that our specialists inspect the patio and look for any structural damages.

  2. All dry leaves and other compost will be stuffed in bags and removed.

  3. We highly recommend treating the wood with water sealant every 6 months. We can do this service upon request.

  4. We fully review the deck to make sure the work is performed in compliance with the specifications.

Concrete Patio

Care for concrete patios is very comparable to the maintenance of wooden patios. We never cut corners on our procedures, so below is again the routine we follow:

  1. We are going to sweep off all garbage and then we are going to hose off the surface. We check the general soundness of the slab.

  2. All dry leaves are going to be bagged and removed.

  3. We treat the surface with concrete sealant to prevent spider web of cracks formation.

  4. We check the deck to be certain the job is done according to the specifications.

Brick deck

For a brick patio, it is imperative to keep bricks safe from the freeze/thaw cycle, which may last three or more months depending on where you live. Our brick patio cleaning procedure closely follows the steps mentioned before:

  1. We will sweep off any debris and then we are going to wash the surface and will take out sand from the groves in between the bricks. We inspect for mold growth and the general condition.

  2. All rubbish collected will be bagged and removed.

  3. We are going to treat the surface with sealants upon request.

  4. We check the deck be sure the job is done in compliance with the specifications.

Our company, Prolux Patio Cleaning Cleaning in Acton is prepared to take care of your deck. We are at your disposal at any time.

Give us a call now to discuss your patio or driveway maintenance with us. Our customer care specialists are on line for you.

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